Sunday, November 17, 2013 2PM
(Nancy's Farm)Rio Con Brio captivates audiences around the country with their intimate
performance of the beautiful and esoteric Brazilian repertoire known as
choro, the early 20th Century street music of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Influenced
by equal parts Afro-Brazilian rhythms and the contemporary cafe music of
Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, choro is both exotic and familiar, evoking
in turn the carnival of Rio and the cafes of Paris.Guitarist Mike Burdette and mandolinist Tim Connell exhibit finesse and
passion in their playing, while displaying a sincere love of the choro
repertoire and connection to their audience. An evening with Rio Con Brio
is a delightful tour of European and New World music as experienced by
the mandolin and guitar and as told by two soulful, intelligent, modern
musicians a beautiful intersection of Brazilian rhythm, classical technique
and jazz improvisation.